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    Harriet Dress

    Harriet Dress

    Suzann Dress

    Ann Overshirt

    Suzann Dress

    Aimée Pants & Ella Top

    Aimée Pants & Hester Top

    Kay Gown

    Kay Gown

    Kay Gown

    Simone Headband & Dany Top

    Amy Dress & Simone Headband

    Louise Headband

    Colette Headband

    Olympe Headband

    Rosie Dress

    Rosie Dress

    Jeanne Tutu & Hester Top

    Olympe Headband & Dany Top

    Jeanne Tutu & Hester Top

    Beryl Cape & Aimée Pants

    Gertrude skirt & Hester Top

    Edith Headband

    Harriet Gown

    Headband Edith

    During this imposed period of withdrawal, where the key word is #stayhome, By Romance unveils its plan B and recall its appropriate hymn: Simple is Beautiful.

    The Echappée Belle, new collection was supposed to fly out for the ochre Moroccan lands and come back to its “first loves”! However, this is finally in our living room that we decided to take you out of yourself.

    This unpredicted period invites us to look the world in a different way and to seize what is inside us, to reinvent ourselves. With “Échappée Belle”, By Romance invites you to discover its feminine and bold basics and teach you the art of enhancing your look.

    From the kimono to the babydoll dress, by way of the halterneck one, 100% sun pleated, By Romance dares and never betrays the effortless elegance and designs a sophisticated and refined wedding ready-to-wear’s wardrobe!

    A contemporary look for a modern bride, with a boyish style with these oversized paper bag pants but also, arhitectural silhouettes with the Beryl Cape, giving you the look of an adventurer…

    For this new collection, BR collaborates wih the art studio of the talented Geneviève Parois. Together they imagine and design sculptural turbans and hats, 100% handmade in Frane. In a 30s way, the neo-bohemian turban becomes a must-have of the “Echappée Belle” collection and of all the self-respecting bride-to-be!

    Escape from home, discover our new collection right  here !

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