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    Unique and entirely hand-made piece
    Headband in glossy cotton with integrated veil


    Made in France

    Approximate delivery time 2 to 4 weeks


    Fabric & cleaning

    Glossy cotton and veil – Dry cleaning


    Albertine Headband

    By Romance is also the story of dating! For this new collection, By Romance joins forces with the talented Geneviève Parois and her famous art studio. Together, they imagine and shape unique head accessories with sculptural lines entirely hand-made and made in France.

    Each piece is handmade and therefore unique! This original and fashionable accessory will seduce you.

    The headband Albertine with its integrated veil is the perfect accessory for any modern bride!

    There is only one option left, Juliette: dust off the wedding image and create a look that suits you!

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